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Columbus Ice Hockey Club during the summer provides advanced skating instruction and opportunities primarily for individuals from diverse backgrounds, underserved communities, and extenuating circumstances which impact their ability to receive consistent advanced training during the summer.  The program will focus on continuing to develop hockey IQ, skating (edges, turns, and technique) , checking, endurance, and power.  We feel all these skills are needed to be successful at the highest levels of hockey.  The genesis of this program came through conversations and research done around expanding the funnel of kids who have access to focused and intense skating instruction.  Our goal is to step slowly into a model where we can provide this instruction to those in the central Ohio community that desire this level of instruction that fits with their circumstances. We feel this program will provide value and improvement for all involved and provide a great springboard into their upcoming seasons.

Participants will be bantam/high school aged participants from diverse backgrounds,  underserved communities, and/or extenuating circumstances (i.e. summer work schedule, attend prep school, academic commitments, etc..) in central Ohio.  The program will consist of the following activities:


  • CIHC Advanced Skater Academy - 4 weekly phases spread throughout the summer consisting of 3 intense 60-90 minute on-ice sessions each phase which will occur in 1-week increments.  Phases will focus on a specific skill required to succeed at the highest levels of hockey.  Sessions will focus on core foundational skills necessary to be an advanced hockey player as determined by the CIHC ESA director (i.e. skating, stickhandling, game situations, shooting, and conditioning).  This camp will take place throughout the summer starting in mid-June - early August.  We accept skaters into the academy via an application process due to the number of limited spots available.  We try and cap the academy at 25 skaters.  Applications for the Advanced Skater Academy will be posted at the end of the season and notifications will be sent out at the end of April to those that are accepted into the sAdvanced Skater Academy.  


  • CIHC Advanced Skater Camp - Our most advanced camp targeted towards player's at the u16/Prep School and above levels.  This camp will be 2 weeks in duration starting in early August.  This camp will be 10 on-ice sessions 60-90 minutes in length.  This camp will focus on a specific skill required to succeed at the highest levels of hockey.  Sessions will focus on getting advanced skaters prepared for their upcoming seasons and building upon their advanced skills.  The CIHC Advanced Skater Camp is invite only.

For informaton or questions about the CIHC Advanced Skater program please send an email to CIHCboard@gmail.com