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On this page we will highlight employment opportunities for CIHC members and their families::

Fire Seal

CIHC has been having discussions with the City of Columbus Fire Department concerning employment opportunities and an on-going partnership.  It is their belief that the qualities that make a good firefighter are embodied by members of the CIHC program who are interested or curious about a career as a firefighter.  Also, they have a pretty competitive hockey team as well :)  Please see the below information concerning upcoming opportunities:

  1. City of Columbus Division of Fire Test and Application Process
    1. Civil Service Firefighter testing window opens from January 1-31, 2019.  Anyone interested should follow the following link . This link contains useful infromation concerning the process and the steps.  The minimun requirements to become a firefighter are below:
      • At least 17½ years of age at the time of application and 18 years old at time of hire
      • Valid driver's license (valid Ohio driver's license at time of hire) 
      • U. S. citizen at time of application
      • High school diploma or GED at time of appointment
    2. If you have questions please contact the Contact the Columbus Fire Recruitment Office at 614-645-6387 or send an email to .  When contacting them please let them know you are affiliated with Columbus Ice Hockey Club so you are routed to the correct recruiter. Additionally, we are working with the recruitment office to have a CIHC specific event which we will email you about in a few weeks.
    3. For a FAQ of the Firefighter test and Apllication process please access this link.
    4. For detailed info on the selection process please access this link